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Remedial Massage


Located in Braidwood NSW, Braidwood Health & Wellbeing Centre offers the services of Violet Wasson, a qualified and experienced naturopath, herbalist, massage therapist, and creator of Bath Botanicals herbal products.
Remedial Massage, Cranial & TMJ

Beneficial for back and neck pain, headaches and general wellbeing. Violet is currently only taking new clients with headache or TMJ dysfunction or relaxation massage (Swedish  and Cranio-sacral work) 

Naturopathic, Nutrition or Herbal Medicine Consultations

Consultations are 60-90 minutes. Violet works with all ages and offers a comprehensive and manageable plan to address your health needs.


Bath Botanicals Range

The salts Bath Botanicals use are Dead Sea Salts (from the Dead Sea), Himalayan Salts (from the Himalayan Mountains in Northern Pakistan) and Epsom Salts. All salts are 100% pure and natural.  The health benefits of these salts when used as bath soaks are due to nutritive elements through absorption by the skin. 

Violet Wasson

I have been fascinated by the function of the human body for as long as I can remember. This is what led me to becoming a Naturopath, Curriculum Writer and Educator.

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Violet Wasson

Vital Healthcare & Education

Braidwood NSW 2622


Ph: 0414412199

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